Spam Policy

This domain does not accept unsolicited messages (aka spam) from commercial, political or non-profit entities. By sending a spam message to this domain in email or forum post format, you authorize Nightshade Services™ (our web provider) to perform any or all actions needed to prevent further spam including but not limited to the following actions:

  • File a complaint with any and all service providers you use to do business online
  • Forward your email to
  • Forward your investing-related email to
  • Bill you a $500.00 USD processing fee for each piece of spam sent to this domain.

In addition, our ISP may bill you for up to $1000.00 USD for each piece of spam sent to us through their servers.

Sending email to an address within this domain constitutes your acceptance of these terms. Please note that legitimate, individually-sent employment, business and personal inquiries are not considered spam.

Fight Spam

If you would like to learn more and how you can help eliminate spam, visit the Federal Communication Commission website and look for the CAN-SPAM act of 2003.

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